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NYC Emergency Dentist, Dr. Danien Wen. We are located on the upper west side of Manhattan.


Accidents happen, and knowing what to do when one occurs can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. We practice a wide variety of dental emergency procedures and we are available 24/7 to serve your dental emergency needs. We serve many tourists and visitors to the city.

For all dental emergencies, it’s important to visit us as soon as possible. Most dentists reserve time in their daily schedules for emergency patients so be sure to call your dentist and provide as much detail as you can about your condition.

It is important to know what kinds of injuries require emergency dental care, so you can make sure that your family's teeth are taken care of, while avoiding unnecessary trips to the emergency room. Accidents can happen at all times of the day or night, and we are here to serve your needs.

Some oral injuries may need immediate treatment, while others can wait until your dentist's normal business hours. If the accident occurs when your dental office is not open, visit your local emergency room.

Call us at 212-362-1882 to set up a consultation

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General Dentistry

Dr Danian Wen General dentist

In addition to being a popular emergency dentist. Dr Wen is also a general dentist. He specializes in invisalign, & cosmetic dentistry.

At a routine visit to Dr Wen, you will have a thorough examination of your mouth.

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Digital X-Rays

We use digital radio graphic imaging in our dental office. Digital x-rays have less radiation exposure than traditional x ray systems. Once taken the images are immediately available to be viewed.

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Root Canal Therapies

xray of tooth with a root canal

Root canal treatment (RCT), also known as endodontics, can help save a damaged tooth.

When the blood or nerve supply of the tooth or the ‘pulp’ is infected due to decay, exposure of the pulp from a deep restoration or injury.

Root canal therapy is an essential treatment in the dental emergency world

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Dental Implants & Crowns


Dental Implants & Crowns and Bridges are used to replace missing or decayed teeth.

Not everyone qualifies for this mode of treatment. To determine if you qualify the dentist needs to take and analyse a detailed set of x rays of the affected area. Call to schedule an appointment to see if you qualify for dental implants.

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